Hi, and welcome to our site. I’m Ray Mullaney, the founder of IR Plus.

I began investing in New York City in 1976 while still in graduate school. At that time, New York City’s municipal bonds were crashing. The Standard & Poors index, adjusted for inflation, was down 32% for the previous decade. The country was led by Gerald Ford, commonly thought to be an imbecile. Our inflation rate was nearly 6%, while unemployment was just under 8%. A hell of an environment in which to begin investing!

In 1980, I established my own SEC-registered investment advisor and full-service broker-dealer. I sold my broker-dealer in 1991 and became a consultant. In the past 42 years, I’ve made and lost a couple of fortunes. At this site, I hope to share with you important lessons about making and losing money. These lessons will come in the form of sharing with you my thoughts about companies which may have significant potential for appreciation and highlighting companies which may contain far more risks than potential for gain.

This site is not designed to recommend that you buy and particular stocks. IR Plus is exclusively designed to provide information to registered investment professionals (not the public).

Thank you for visiting our site; I hope you will call me for further information about the companies we discuss and any companies you think we ought to review or cover at out site or you have questions about.

Additionally, I am the founder and president of:

Capital Preservation Trust, LLC, a RI-based Registered Investment Advisor, and

Equity Performance Sciences, LLC, a RI-based financial technologies company focused on identifying, measuring and ranking the risks and safety of all US and Canadian publicly-traded companies.