IR Plus: The Small Company’s Bridge to Wall Street

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Helping You Make Your Stock a More Valuable Currency

Your Stock is Currency!

We Can Help You Make Your Stock a More Valuable Currency!

Is Your Stock Fully Valued
or Undervalued?

Your stock will reach a full and robust valuation only when the greatest number of well-targeted buyers hear, understand and believe your company’s value proposition and opportunity (the story).

6 Reasons to Hire IR Plus:

1. To increase share volume;
2. To add liquidity for current investors;
3. When prospective investors see that you have a plan to increase your share price, they will be more willing to invest;
4. To make your stock a valuable “currency” for acquisitions;
5. To achieve the highest price when selling the business; and
6. Because the benefits we deliver far outweigh our cost, we’ll be far more cost-effective than hiring an internal IR professional.

How We Build Your Shareholder Base

1. Build awareness – most advisors and brokers have never heard YOUR company
2. Build curiosity about the company, what it does, and, can they succeed?

3. Build interest – tell the story so they ask, “Tell me more.”
4. Build confidence in YOUR company and YOUR management team.
5. Build trust.  This takes time, repeat contacts and professional persistence.
6. Build enthusiasm – based on your business plan and the potential of YOUR company

The Audience for Our Messages:

1. Registered Investment Advisors
2. Registered Representatives (stock brokers)
3. High Net Worth Insiders in Your Industry
4. Investment Bankers for Your Industry
5. Private and Public Funds Specializing in Your Industry
6. Financial newsletter writers and financial media
7. Financial Planners, and
8. Family Offices

When your stock is liquid and its price is high:
You can easily raise capital for its growth.
You can use your shares to acquire low-priced competitors.

You Have a Great Story to Tell:
You Must Tell It

Repeatedly, professionally, consistently and enthusiastically!
To the right people, at the right times.

If you don’t tell your story professionally…
Often enough…
To the right people…
Raising money for growth will be far more difficult.

Hiring a Full-Time IR Professional
Hiring IR Plus

A full-time IR professional will cost $150,000 a year; if they fail to perform, getting rid of them will be very costly! Will they have 30 years of Wall Street experience, as well as the personality, drive and confidence to win the trust of Wall Street brokers?

At IR Plus, we have the experience, the personalities and the drive to win the respect and trust of Wall Street’s heavy hitters. We’ll get your name on their radar, and in time, win their trust.

Call Ray for a free diagnostic communications review.

We’ll also provide a free summary of “best practices” to expand your shareholder base.

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What We Deliver:

An expanded audience for your stock and greater ownership and distribution of the company’s shares.

We look forward to learning about your company and helping you reach your corporate goals.
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