IR Plus is an investor relations company based in North Kingstown, RI. We specialize in providing small- and micro-cap companies greater visibility to buy-side and sell-side investment professionals throughout the United States and Canada, particularly in New England.

The two principals of the firm have over 75 years of experience in investment sales, financial analysis, marketing, public relations and investor relations.

We represent our clients using the latest communications technologies, making presentations at investor conferences and, the old-fashioned way, making direct telephone calls to key investment decision-makers.

Raymond Mullaney

An experienced investor and investment analyst, Raymond Mullaney has a distinguished history of investment success for his clients through a prudent and proven approach to the market.  Ray has over 40 years of professional investing experience. He has published dozens of investment and financial reports which have been covered nationwide in the media.  Ray Mullaney is an active public speaker, on radio, TV and for business, civic and professional organizations.

Additionally, Ray has developed an algorithmic system which allows investors to examine a given company’s performance over time and determine the potential risk/upside of a given investment. 

Ray believes there is much more opportunity investing in small cap stocks than in larger “blue chips”.  He will only invest in stocks whose minimum value exceeds their market cap, which protects the investor from market crashes.

Here are a few examples of Ray’s investment prowess:

Biotech Investments

  • Bought United Therapeutics Corp. at $8.64, stock went to $180
  • Bought Intuitive Surgical, Inc. at $7+, stock went to $480
  • Bought Arius Research at $0.30, company was purchased by Hoffman-LaRoche at $3.00

Minerals Extraction 

  • Bought International Uranium at $0.20, stock went to $12.00
  • Bought Gold Corp. at $4.29, stock went to $50.00
  • Bought Newmont Mining at $10, stock went to $54.00
  • Bought IMGold at $2.54, stock went to $23.00
  • Bought Corriente Resources, Inc. at $0.34, stock went to $14

And many, many more.

Constance Mussells

An experienced, award-winning marketing communications professional  with deep expertise in all forms of print, web and broadcast media. Constance has owned and managed several successful marketing firms over the past 35 years.

Constance has a thorough understanding of  all aspects of marketing and advertising media. She has the ability to synthesize and communicate complicated technical information in a clear and concise manner.  

Thomas Harpin

Thomas Harpin, our resident data scientist, is a deeply mathematical mind and graduate of Bryant University. He manages the more technological aspects of the business, from database and list management to website design, email campaign execution and more.